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At CB Consulting, we approach our role as a traditional service provider, sparring partner, think tank, and communications specialist with unwavering passion and competence.

Our commitment to genuine engagement, utmost flexibility, loyalty, and trust forms the cornerstone of our client relationships. Led by Catharina Berni, our team is dedicated to understanding and addressing each client's unique needs and demands.

Collaboratively, we identify and implement tailored measures while prioritizing individual preferences and requirements, all with a steadfast focus on delivering measurable results.

Since 2021, we have also been supporting educational institutions, developing strategic communication concepts, establishing a suitable social media presence for them, and conducting workshops on the topics of Brand & Content Communication.


Relevance & Multi-Channel Strategy:

Effective communication hinges on the skillful delivery of pertinent topics and strategic channel selection.


At CB Consulting, we excel in tailoring and structuring content, strategically positioning it across various media platforms.

Our expertise extends beyond content creation to strategic counsel on the most suitable channels and media formats. We leverage decades of experience and an extensive network of media contacts, ensuring our clients receive tailored guidance for optimal results.

With CB Consulting, you can expect a seamless integration of content and strategy across diverse multimedia channels, backed by our proven track record of success in both German-speaking regions and Italy.



In today's digital landscape, the significance of "Online & Social Media" is undeniable. At CB Consulting, we collaborate closely with our clients to craft tailor-made strategies focusing on their target groups.

Acknowledging the omnipresence of AI and the imperative need for efficiency, our agency actively integrates AI solutions wherever suitable, streamlining processes and saving valuable time.

Embracing the ethos of the digital era, our team remains vigilant in tracking emerging trends, adeptly identifying platforms that align with our clients' target audiences. Moreover, we provide expert guidance on leveraging AI-driven tools to enhance effectiveness and achieve key performance indicators (KPIs).

By addressing these fundamental queries, we empower our clients to make informed decisions and strategize effectively for success in the digital realm.


Who are we

With over 25 years of expertise in the tourism sector, CB Consulting is dedicated to crafting clear, efficient, and precisely targeted communication strategies. Our approach emphasizes quality over quantity, achieved through close collaboration with clients.

Located in Milan and boasting more than 20 years of immersion in Italian culture, we consider ourselves a European agency with a broad-reaching network. This enables us to fully grasp and bridge the cultural nuances between German-speaking countries and Italy.

CB Consulting provides comprehensive support in four key European languages: German, English, Italian, and French.

Leveraging our expertise, we primarily assist clients in the hospitality, luxury, architecture, art, culture, and sustainability sectors.

Since 2021, we have expanded our services by supporting educational institutions through workshops and strategic communication consultancy, as well as enhancing their social media presence.

Wir über uns


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